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End World Hunger 2045 is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping provide those in need with life’s basic necessities such as food, clothing, and access to employment. We tackle this ambitious goal both through small-scale local initiatives, as well as larger-scale projects with the help of other organizations and sponsors.

Our two main ambitions include alleviating the effects of hunger in vulnerable communities, as well as assisting in creating economic opportunities for these populations. With these two objectives in mind, the foundation seeks to support existing efforts around the world, and to create and participate in new initiatives.

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Why 2045?

Our founder, Sergiu Kondanna, has dedicated himself to a spiritual life of meditation and bettering the world in any way possible. Upon establishing the End World Hunger 2045 foundation, he chose the particular time frame of 25 years to reflect his lifetime devotion to these efforts.

Board of Directors

Sergiu Kondanna

Sergiu Kondanna

Founder and CEO of End World Hunger 2045

Born in Moldova, Sergiu came to Canada. After some deep spiritual experiences, he decided to devote his life to helping others.

New Director

New Director Opening

Looking for new director!!

If you are interesting in helping out, email us!!

Aurel Televko

Aurel Televko

Founder of theSEOguys.ca, Marketing Advisor

is our Marketing Advisor. He has years of experience in helping businesses grow, and helps us find new solutions and opportunities.

Vlada Televko

Vlada Televko

Humanitarian Advisor

is our Humanitarian Advisor. She has an educational background in international relations, and helps us coordinate our projects.



Art/Media Advisor


Youth Advisor

If dreaming is being crazy then I wanna to be crazy. If you want to dream, I'll be there with you, to help your dreams become reality.

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If we work together, we have the power to set things right. Let’s build a community of committed individuals to end hunger in every community across the world



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