March 2019

Mohamed and Abdallah Present

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Mohamed (17 years old) and Abdalah Mustafa (12 years old) These two don't know their father, because their father abandoned his family when they were very young. Mohamed and Abdalah are vulnerable children. Their mother is called Rehema Shaban, she cries and worries a lot because of her children and she does not has a [...]

Ibrahim and Abduksalam Orphans

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Ibrahim (11 years old) and Abdulsalam Miraji Idd (8) Ibrahim and Abdul are good at football. Ibrahim's nickname is Messi and Abdul likes to call himself Ronaldo. We all pray for them to reach their dreams. This guys lost their parents and they live with grandmother. She is Sarah Benjamin, and she has some health [...]

Orphans: Children of Tanzania

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Sumaiya Yusuph Year of birth: 2009 Age: 10 Father's name: Yusuph Marusu History Sumaiya is in class five now. Her father used to be a farmer. She lives with her grandfather and her brother Ramadhan. Sumaiya has a dream to be a teacher. Ramadhan Yusuph Year of birth: 2005 Age: 14 History Ramadhan is the [...]