Initiatives have begun in Canada, Mexico, Moldova and Tanzania due to our close connections to these countries. Despite our humble foundation’s relatively recent emergence, our vision is ambitious and we have been active in communities for several years. Below are some of the charitable projects we have been involved in:

Personal donations to places of spiritual growth (all currency in CDN)

Tanzania projects:

  • Supporting school children: paying rent and providing school supplies/goods for a orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania

Other volunteer efforts:

  • Cleaning beaches, streets, parks in places where we stay (Iguape, Rome, Vancouver)
    since 2014
  • Delivering clothes (about 67kg) and food directly to people in Moldova, in November 2018
  • Handing out food in the Vancouver area: an ongoing, regular effort since Oct 2018



The founder of end world hunger standing with a group of African girls under the shade

Building a school for orphaned children

Our effort begins with raising funds to build a new school in Arusha, Tanzania. The school will consist of three buildings on four acres of land.

All the prices are in CAD.

  • Land cost – $28,000
  • Construction cost (three buildings) – $5,500
  • Site prep – $500
  • Water – $3,000
  • Sewer – $2,000

Total cost is $39,000.

The goal is to create jobs and let people to support themselves and others in community and by doing so it will produce a change in people’s mindset. One of the many issues in developing communities is that common people are not given access to means of supporting themselves, despite the wealth present in their respective countries. We have selected a few very important initiatives where we have products and people on locations to support our projects. Read more about our efforts in our blog.

A sunny field covered in grass where a new school is planned to be built


Our efforts are concentrated right now to collect donations to provide food for vulnerable children, old, and sick people who cannot earn a living

Two bowls full of dim sum and a cup of black tea
A group of children holding plates of beans and rice
A school girl with a hand in her pocket making the peace sign


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