EWH2045’s Shikoku Pilgrimage

EWH2045’s Shikoku Pilgrimage

Map of Shikoku in Japan with the 88 temple path outlined

61 days. 1200 kilometers. 88 temples. Starting on May 9.

The Shikoku Pilgrimage is located in Japan. The goal is to visit 88 temples and reflect spiritually.

Members of EWH2045 will undertake this journey in May. Our goal is to inform people about our fundraiser, and our organization. We hope to build a school in Arusha, Tanzania. We also hope to improve the collective spirituality of members of our organization.

You can donate here.

The details about where the fundraised money will go are as follows. All the prices are in CAD.

  • Land cost – $28,000
  • Construction cost (three buildings) – $5,500
  • Site prep – $500
  • Water – $3,000
  • Sewer – $2,000

Total cost is $39,000.

Minna, ganbaro!!